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  The information obtained by the GPR allows to reduce drilling costs and costs from the previous location of mineralized bodies and other geological objectives (thus avoiding systematic drilling to locate the mineralized body and facilitate the calculation of reserves).


Our geophysical method allows to reduce the number of surveys by:

  • Increase in the accuracy of the positioning of the perforations;

  • Detection by the GPR of small bodies -satellites-, which can be included in the reserve calculations.

Calculation of the angle and inclination of the sounding

In this case, one or more mineralized bodies will be crossed. The information can be optimized in each survey prior to drilling.

In this way, the actual costs can be reduced to less than half, or the poll program can be canceled if the size of the mineralized body is not sufficient for later exploitation, or for other reasons.

Prospecting and exploration of pleasures also facilitates the positioning of ditches and local exploration wells in the most favorable areas for the accumulation of alluvial deposits.

cost reduction with GPR
Optimal point of drilling wells for water
GPR survey
cost reduction

  Having previously obtained the coordinates of the points for drilling and the depth of passage to achieve the final goal, it is not difficult to calculate the expenditure part of the services provided.

GPR for water
Investigation of the site for the construction of the reservoir
3D model of the site
3D modeling

  The purpose of the research: To identify possible tectonic disturbances, to establish a contact zone of sedimentary and bedrock.

  In the course of GPR profiling and subsequent interpretation, it was possible to map the faulty part passing along the entire section of the future reservoir.


  The subsequent geophysical and geological interpretation came to the conclusion that there is an active fault in this area. This, in turn, completely paralyzed the project in its original stage.


  In this case, it was possible to save the project money for an impressive amount.

  At the moment, the site is being investigated ... Monitoring is underway, which confirms the activity of this fault.

A waking up volcano
(during geophysical work)
The process of data collection by the
GPR Loza-N 
data collection

Cost reduction

More examples

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