GPR for Geotechnical engineering :

• Filtration and leakage of water
• Karst cavities, pipes, etc.
• Location of underground communications

• Surveys for building plots

• Survey of landslide terraces

Our contribution includes:

•  Geological engineering
•  Civil Engineer
•  Hydrology
•  Bathymetry
•  Structural study of dams and tunnels

Work examples

The search for underground communications
Different pipe diameters
Pipe identification
Pipe identification
3D-section, localization of pipes
Water leaks
Localization of karst cavities
Dead Sea.  Israel, 2014
Karst zones
The analysis of the foundations of buildings
Problem areas in the foundation of the office

  By this study the most vulnerable areas were determined by the occurrence of infiltration and fracturing areas presented, it is the same way mapping fissures predominant flow direction and infiltration was obtained.

Analysis of a sand quarry for road building
Russia, 2016

  Sand and the sand-gravel resources of the quarry were evaluated. With Borehole No. 2, the lack of commercial sand gravel stocks was confirmed.
1. Waveform Mode
2. Derivative waveform mode

Research for road paving
Inspection of dams and reservoirs
Zone leaks in the dam

Georadar Loza-2N, 6 m antenna (25 MHz),transmitter- 21Kv.
The thickness of the bulk soil is up to 20 m.
Identified leakage zone dam 155 m and 180 - 200 meters.

Far East, Russia
Damage to the structure of the dam
Revealing the causes of filtering
Iran, 2012

   In the course of the research it was possible to identify structures of the fault type and the heterogeneity of the dam material.


  Georadar Loza-2N, 6 m antenna (25 MHz),

transmitter- 21Kv.


Background cartography on underwater                 surfaces and study in:

  • Ocean floors

  • Water courses

  • Lakes

  • Reservoirs

  • Rivers, etc.

       Determination of:


  • Stratigraphic limits

  • Sediments

  • Fixed rock

Acquisition of data with GPR LOZA 

Through-water operation:

Lake bottom sediments

Georadar Loza-2N,

3 m antenna (50 MHz),

transmitter- 10 Kv.

Russia, 2013
GPR survey of fuel oil leaks

  To assess the volume of fuel oil at the bottom of the lake, soundings from the water surface were carried out. The georadar was insulated with polyethylene from contamination and installed on sheets of foam. GPR operating in automatic mode (1 measurement per second) was dragged with the help of ropes from shore to shore.

  The survey showed that all depressions in the bottom relief and the deep-water part of the lake are filled with heavy fuel oil deposits of 1.5 to 5 meters.

Russia, Ryazan region, 2010

1. Water

2. Lowering the relief of the bottom of the lake,

    filled with deposits of heavy fractions of fuel oil

3. Clay

Geotechnical engineering


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