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Why Choose Us?

  We provide services for the past 10 years in areas such as mining exploration, hydrogeology, geotechnical investigations,archaeology with high quality and confidence, which are oriented to meet the needs of our clients based on the rigorous fulfillment of our commitments.

  The experience of our specialists who are professionals in the field of geophysics, geology, hydrogeology, and geotechnics allows us to solve problems of any complexity.

  The ability to search for and explore mineral hosted structures to a depth of 200 m as well as the ability to scan to depths of tens of meters from the surface of fresh water bodies and rivers to map alluvial material makes the Loza team unique. We are ahead of our competitors in all parameters and in many areas and our clients are astounded at the difference of our collected data when compared to competitors

Our advantage

1. Depth of penetration

     Deeper than any other radar on the market

4. Security of Data: 

      Discreet data acquisition and secure data analysis

2. Real Time vision

      Live feed during the survey

5. Flexibility

      Adapt and change the plan according to results

3. Speed

      Fast deployment, fast data collection, fast data analysis

6. Minimal preparation required for a survey

      Work in semi permissive environments

Why Loza Radar
represents a big improvement ?


 Depending on the parameters of the subsurface, Loza Radar can be configured to survey the subsurface lithologies and structure to a depth of a few meters to hundreds of meters.


 The increase in depth penetration by Loza is achieved through significantly enhanced energy potential. Loza is effective in environments with high conductivity, (including clay, areas of high salt content) and even through water.

Loza Radar has:

Increasing the penetration depth is made possible by

    reducing the frequency of the signal.


✓ The transmitter power has been increased by a factor

    of over 100,000 times;


✓ The transmitter uses a pulse via a high-pressure hydrogen

    discharge, and operates in stand-alone mode without

    synchronization, thus avoiding the requirement for  

    connecting lines;


✓ Stroboscopic transformation is replaced to direct detection

    of signal;


✓ Loza Radar uses RC-loaded dipoles to ensure the exclusion

    of interference in the received signal that suppresses weak

    signals,whilst also permitting the reception of strong signals

Work in all climatic conditions

Glacier Denisov - Tien Shan
Kumtor deposit
Elevation: 4500 m
Temperature: -30°C
Atacama - Chile
 Groundwater survey
Elevation: 2160 m
Temperature: +10°C
Ituata - Peru 
Gold deposit
 Elevation: 2700 m
Humidity: 95%
Nazca - Peru
 Copper deposit
Elevation: 1900 m
Temperature: +32°C

Only the best interpreters

Porphyry copper deposit
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Georadar LOZA
with an antenna complex at 600 cm and a pulsed transmitter power of 20 MW


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